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‘Warwick's premium quality Macrosuedes help furniture look younger for longer by ticking all the boxes’


Macrosuede is the only man-made suede in the world to incorporate ‘Healthguard’, offering in-built protection against dust-mite pathogens, great news for over 2 million Asthma sufferers throughout Australasia and children are particularly at risk. One in four Australian children experience some sort of respiratory condition.

Warwick Macrosuedes are tested for ‘heavy commercial’ durability and have gained wide exposure in commercial markets where they are also tested to Australian/NZ Fire Hazard Properties Standard AS 1530.3.


Scratch-resistant and pet-friendly, Warwick Macrosuedes are engineered to resist scratches in a way no natural leather can. Drag a corkscrew across the surface to mimic the effect of pet claws. While some marks may remain, the bulk of them can be rubbed or brushed away. Pet hairs can also be easily removed with a damp cloth.


Easy clean - Try spilling a glass of water on Warwick Macrosuedes. Liquid spills simply bead on the surface. Blotting with a paper towel or colourfast cloth removes the liquid easily. Warwick Macrosuede technology also incorporates anti-static chemistry which prevents the attraction of dust particles and acts as a fluorochemical agent releasing stains.


Look for the Macrosuede Hallmark! Macrosuede and Macro-Soft are registered trademarks that guarantee the exclusive quality and tailoring characteristics of Warwick Fabrics’ high performance man-made suedes. Since 2006, to protect against cheap copies, each of these products included a printed hallmark on the reverse side of the fabric.

So beware of generic suede names such as ‘Microsuede’, and where possible ask your furniture retailer to unzip cushion covers to show the true Macrosuede hallmark.

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The Warwick family has always been at the cutting-edge of fabric trends. Today Warwick Fabrics is a household name in innovation, quality and service around the world.

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